Philosophy, Vision, Mission


Enhancing intelligence, Pursuing knowledge with virtue, Leading society by combining practice to improve people’s health.


“Public Health Intellectual Repository, Joining Network Partners, Moving Forward to International”

The meaning of vision

Public Health Intellectual Repository refers to the body of knowledge that comes from an individual in each field of public health on academic, research, innovation and academic services through the process of knowledge management.

Joining Network Partners refers to creating cooperation network in the country along with collaborating with government and private agencies, communities and enterprises in the eastern region, and joint operation with the network in ASEAN.

Moving forward to international refers to upgrading the quality of education, academic achievement, and research results to be accepted internationally through network cooperation.

From the definition of vision mentioned above; the Faculty of Public Health is committed to develop key performance results in four areas classified by Critical Success Factors (CSF) as follows:

  • 1. Graduate student quality; to comply with demand of the labor market.
  • 2. Research; consists of research teams, disseminating research findings, and utilization of research results.
  • 3. Network both domestically and internationally.
  • 4. Communication skills are skills on English language and using of information.


  • 1. On Education Management; providing equally education along with enhancing academic freedom and pursuing lifelong learning based on morals, ethics and professional ethics.
  • 2. On Research and Academic Services; create and develop a body of knowledge in various fields and provide academic services also transfer knowledge for potential development of both government and private agency, as well as society and community to be able to support change and development on politic, economy and society which are high dynamic as effectively.
  • 3. On Community Development; to promote and support various forms of public activities to cover the preservation of arts, culture, religion and sports, as well as playing a leading role in continually developing society, community and environment.
  • 4. ด้านบริหารจัดการอย่างมีคุณภาพและมีประสิทธิภาพเพื่อมุ่งสู่ความยั่งยืน




H – Healthy/ Happy
O – Oneness
M – Moral
E – Energy

Identity of graduate student of Faculty of Public Health

"Studious, Volunteer, Social Development"

Core Competency

Specializing in instructional management, research, academic service, integration of public health to improve people health of the eastern region community.


1. Upgrading the education quality into international standards and building quality personnel.
2. Being the core mechanism for targeted industrial driven and being a dependency for sustainable development of the eastern region.
3. Development into a high-performance organization for sustainable growth.

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